Writing, creatively

Hi, I’m a writer! From 2012 through 2014, I was an MFA student in Creative Writing at the University of Arizona. Chris Cokinos supervised my thesis project, which I adapted into the novella Will below, and the fabulous Kim Stanley Robinson was a guest member of my thesis committee. The UA’s MFA is fantastic, and I met great people there—including my podcast co-host Kend!—but most of my writing life has come about outside of those protected years.

I have two lists below for your perusing pleasure. The first, shorter list is of longer (novel- and novella-length) works that I’ve drafted and for which I’m currently seeking representation and/or a publisher—so if you’re such a person or know someone who is, and you like what you read, be sure to drop me a line! The second, longer list is of short works (stories, poems, and essays) that have been published in journals. Many of these are available online, so if you see a link to the story and/or the journal, you can give that piece a read. Some of the hardbound journals won’t have links, however, and some of the journals are no longer printing new issues, so I can’t promise links to every piece.

Longer Works

Will, a novella

Will is the story of a woman's discovery of supernatural instructions in plant genetics that leads her on a scientific investigation of magic and a multidimensional search for her vanished parents, and is a 36,000-word weird novella about science and magic, biological and found families, and how to navigate uncaring universe.

Will engages readers as it explores loss, depression, hope, connection, and faith. It will appeal to lovers of the novellas The Strange Bird by Jeff VanderMeer, The Freeze-Frame Revolution by Peter Watts, and The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe by Kij Johnson. It also has synergy with longer works such as VanderMeer’s Southern Reach trilogy and Kim Stanley Robinson's The Years of Rice and Salt. Readers navigating uncertain futures and their own changing relationships in adult families will find themselves at home in and pleasantly unsettled by Will.

CLay Creek, a novel

Clay Creek is a thrilling science fiction novel of about 60,000 words, and the story of a dozen people adrift in the complex, multigenerational society that has developed within a hollowed asteroid. It’s a fun adventure with darker undertones as a cautionary tale of self-indulgent politics run amok. This allegory of populism will be welcome in the era in which many SFF readers regularly struggle with Brexit, the Trump administration, and more. It is, in as a genre hybrid, a love letter to Jeff VanderMeer’s Annihilation writ large on the sort of complex politicking made popular in genre by works like Game of Thrones.

Published Shorter workS

Short Stories

"Hegemon of the Honeycart," a story that wonders, from the perspectives of a journalist and a janitor, what types of stories one can tell in a dinosaur theme park. Appeared in Aphelion, issue 229, volume 22, June 2018.

"Interviewee" was included in The Fear of Monkeys, Issue 7, "The Siamang."

"Two Sisters" was included in Perhaps I Am Wrong About the World, Issue 3.

"Virus" was included in Scissors and Spackle, Issue 1, Volume 1, "Equinox."

The final sign for the dinosaur park is spray-painted on plywood, the same as Dani expected for roadside fruit stands hawking eight avocados for a dollar. But this wasn't farmland any longer, and she'd seen no houses for miles and miles. The isolation was the goal, the park somewhere in Nevada, or maybe it was Arizona now? Some endless grassland, warm in March, almost too much so for her open windows.

from “Hegemon of the Honeycart”

These moments I spare for triumph to see in my hero regrets like lost envelopes like the red tail a kite cut free or pulled too sharply.

from “Acceleration” in Visitant

said those years later

which impregnant pasts

sex is only silence with

the right blade

against the wrong throat

from “Hole” in Corvus Review


"Acceleration" was published by Visitant in November 2017.

"Archangel" was included in Inwood Indiana's collection Harvest Time.

"Argon" was included in River Poets Journal.

"Floor, Floor, Floor" was included in Yes, Poetry, Volume 1, Issue 7.

"Hole" was published by Corvus Review, issue 9W, 2017.

"J, All That You Can Do" was included in dirtcakes, Volume 1, Number 2.

"Josh at the Bar" was included in Yes, Poetry Volume 1, Issue 7.

"Lauren" was included in Black-List Magazine, Summer 2010.

"More Than You Can Know" was included in The 2River View, Volume 13, Issue 2.

"New York Times" was included in Yes, Poetry, Volume 1, Issue 7.

"Pornos" was included in The 2River View, Volume 13, Issue 2.

"Real Men" was included in Midwest Literary Review, August 2011 Issue.

"The Scientist" was included in Midwest Literary Review, August 2011 Issue.

"Sunny" was included in Stone Highway Review, Issue 1, Volume 2.

"Those Days" was included in dirtcakes Volume 1, Number 2.

"Vitals" was included in Saltwater Quarterly, Issue 4.



"Julien Colella on Trilobites and Richard Fortey via a Diptych" was included in Essay Daily.

"Queer Race, Space, and Time" was included in the zine Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Queer Theory But Were Afraid To Ask, Antioch Press, Yellow Springs, OH.