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I co-host The Imaginaries podcast with my buddy Kend. As the Imaginaries, we talk about science fiction, fantasy, weird fiction, and more in all of its various and splendid forms. Our most recent episodes will always be available on iTunes and on Soundcloud, and you can find all of our episodes on YouTube.

As the Imaginaries, you can drop us a line via email at or interact with us on Twitter, @imaginary_pod. It's awesome to have support to help us pay for hosting fees and whatnot, so we have a Ko-Fi profile where listeners can drop us a couple of bucks whenever.

I’m not good at keeping this page updated with our most recent episodes, so I’ve linked a few of our recent favorites below. You can check out the rest on The Imaginaries site.


Episodes 53: Space Opera

What are space operas, and what is their relationship to science fiction? Join us this episode for a long talk on the ins and outs, the ups and downs, and the future significance of this--what, subgenre? Mode? Cat?

Let’s go with cats. That’s always a safe bet.

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Episode 49: Whales IN SPACE

We are so excited to celebrate International #TowelDay 2018 with a special episode dedicated to Douglas Adams ... and, more importantly, whales. Whales in space, space whales, whales with attitude. All the whales! We also make mention of dolphins and petunias, because, well, they've earned it, poor sods. 

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Episode 46: Frankenstein and the legacy of Mary SHelley

Plenty authors of science fiction trace their literary DNA back to Mary Shelley and her masterwork Frankenstein. What does it mean for science fiction to trace its origins back to a woman? What does it mean for these authors we know and love (or don’t) today to bring her back into the conversation? What does it mean to claim Mary Shelley as an influence at all? These are just some of the questions we set out to answer in this week's podcast.

You can find a list of works inspired by Frankenstein HERE (our thanks to the list's creator) as well as some thought-provoking essays on Shelley's legacy HERE and HERE. Many thanks to those authors as well! 

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Episode 33: WAR in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Do we NEED war? Many SFF creators seem to argue that war is inevitable, or for an inherent human need for conflict. Thinking of Omar El Akkad's American War and Jeff VanderMeer's Area X trilogy and Octavia Butler’s various series, among many others, we seek to reframe these questions: Do we need it? On a human level? Or on a science fictional or fantastical level? What does war look like when we move beyond militarized conflicts to a more psychological battleground?

Does writing war into SFF allow us to do things we simply couldn’t do otherwise?

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