Modeling & Collaboration

I don’t charge models anything and you get to keep hi res copies of everything I shoot. In exchange, I ask that you sign a model release form that allows me to use all of the images in my portfolio (including on social media) and in any shows or displays I do in the future. I’ve worked with several models who prefer varying degrees of privacy—don’t want their faces shown, want to use a pseudonym, etc—and I’m happy to accommodate any requests like these.

I’m willing to chat with anyone about modeling, and it’s important to me that my photography practice is inclusive of many races and ethnicities/skin colors, body shapes and sizes, gender identities and expressions, and more. With that said, I ultimately will select those models I work with based upon how I think we’ll work together, so I have both accepted and rejected some prospective models in the past. Don’t let this keep you from reaching out, though! Feel free to drop me a line that expresses your interest and any ideas you have.

Please read on below for testimonials from models and friends I’ve worked with in the past.


I've worked with Tony for years, and I've always enjoyed modeling for him. He is an amazingly patient photographer who fosters a comfortable space for his clients. Tony has taken better photos of me than I could have ever expected, with imaginative angles and poses. You should absolutely expect to receive from him clear communication, creative suggestions, and brilliant photos!

DSCF3323 copy 2.JPG

Tony makes me feel comfortable with myself and my body. There was an instant mutual connection when we met that allowed me to openly express myself and have fun on his set. He has such a creative mind, I could never say no to any of his ideas. It’s even better when he allows my input for a more collaborative creative experience.

joe10 copy.jpg

Tony Colella is a superb photographer. Our photo shoots were exhilarating and collaborative, and his thoughtful approach helped me feel safe and comfortable in my body. He is talented and caring and humble—I can’t recommend him enough!