Male Form Photography

Welcome to my NSFW gallery! Although I do shoot some portraits and non-nude artistic work, this is where I invest most of my energy. Everything on the portrait page holds here: I’m always searching for models and I shoot new photos about once or twice a month. If you’re interested in posing, please first take a look at my linked gallery, as my newest work will be featured there. Then, drop me a line that expresses your interest and any ideas you have. Currently, I do not charge for shoots.

If any of the photos below or in my linked gallery interest you, I do have prints available for purchase. These are also only a sample of my work, and I’d be happy to share more with you if you’re interested in purchasing prints. If you are interested in including some of my work in a gallery show or presentation, please contact me. No matter what your interest, you can chat with me more about this photography at the same email address.

Click on any image below to enlarge.